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Fastest Drying, Washable Detailing Cloth For Cars, Trucks, RV's, Motorcycles And Recreational Vehicles.

• 3D NEW GENERATION: The professional car cleaning towel: PVA chamois cloth is the new generation, which can totally replace the traditional PVA towel.After many years of tireless research and development,solve the shortcomings of traditional chamois towel.a new multi-purpose chamois towel finally listed.

• THOROUGHLY CLEANING: Each side with different structure design: one side is upgraded from normal towel,with more concave-convex natural foaming and various lines, reducing resistance ,cleaning more thoroughly, washing more moderate,which can deelply clean pore dirt.The other side is plain design.

• FASTER WATER SUCKING: both sides are 5 times water sucking than normal ones.

• FASTER SOFTENING: The new generation chamois towel can be quickly soften when put into water,the speed is three times faster than the old one.

• PROTECT YOUR CAR: It is soft,absorbent ,comfortable and durable,won't hurt the painting of the surface of the car, which make it the best for car cleaning.

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